Who we are

A dedicated team of Peruvian and expat biologists, photographers and tourism professionals who live permanently in Peru..

Dr Rob Williams

a professional ecologist who has worked on many of the most spectacular and threatened species in Peru including Giant Otter, Andean Bear, Andean Condor, Andean Cat, Pampas Cat and White-winged Guan. Rob is currently the director of Frankfurt Zoological Society’s Andes-Amazon Conservation Programme and also Scientific Director of Chaparri Ecological Reserve. He is also a published wildlife photographer and suthor of 6 books and more than 30 scientific papers as well as many magazine articles. He was a birding tour guide for more than a decade, specializing in the Neotropics so has a good sense of what is feasible in the field. Rob is now one of the acknowledged experts on Peruvian wildlife.

Anahi Plenge

a photographer turned tourism operator who runs Ultimate Voyages, a small Peruvian tourism company that specializes in Birding and Wildlife tours. Anahi is the client liaison and together with Veronika ensures all logistic arrangements are in place.

Juan Andrés Plenge

a veterinary specialising in wildlife including large mammals such as the Andean Bear. Keen and knowledgeable herpetologist, birdwatcher, photographer and surfer. Speaks German, English and Spanish. Works as a freelance guide.

Veronika Bejar

a biologist turned tourism operator. Veronika is in charge of on the ground logistic arrangements.

Clément Laronde

a professional in protection of biodiversity and ecotourism, graduated with a masters degree in Environmental Geography from the university of Paris I, Clément has lived in Peru for the last 5 years. He is also involved as a volunteer in a sustainable development and cultural identity project of an indigenous Awajun community in the Peru’s northern Amazon. Fluent French, Spanish and English. Sporty, sociable, passionate about audiovisual media and eager for new adventures, Clément will be an excellent guide during your stay on the South American continent.

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