Location logistics
We can provide all your location logistics anywhere in Peru including transport, accommodation, food services, porters, guides, assistants.

We have our own mini-vans and 4WD vehicles with professional drivers for terrestrial transport within Peru. We can arrange fully certified boats with professional captains and crew for marine areas including underwater filming. In the Amazon much transport is by boat and we can provide professionally crewed boats appropriate for the rivers you need to travel in. We can arrange aircraft and helicopters for access to remote areas and for aerial shots.

We can provide full accommodation services, camping services in remote areas and food services from traditional location catering to specialist cooking in remote areas.

We have experienced porters, guides and local assistants that understand what you need and know most areas of Peru and will work to help you achieve your objectives.

Species finding
We have expert biologist who can track and locate almost any species in Peru and work out the best locations and strategies for filming these. We have the best locations for many species such as the Spectacled Bear, Jaguar, Andean Condor and others.

Equipment Import and Rental
We can help organize the temporary import of equipment through Peruvian customs. We can also rent generators and other equipment as needed. We can provide specialist technical equipment dependant on availability.

Security and Safety planning
We can undertake detailed security and safety assessments for your shoot and provide trained security and safety staff if needed.

Hide/blind construction
We can build hides/blinds including floating hides, and towers for filming at required locations – contact us for details.

Filming permissions
Peruvian legislation requires that you have permission from the landowner for filming and we can negotiate with land-owners in the case or private lands and are experienced in obtaining government permits in the case of State Protected Areas (National Parks etc.) or State-managed Archaeological Sites. These permits can take some time to obtain and require the submission of full details of the shoot in Spanish and the presentation of letters from production companies etc. We can arrange all this in the correct format and provide text for the letters etc. It is best to allow at least a month for simple permits and up to 3 months for more complex applications.

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